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              Service hotline:020-38807271
              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for "world cities and local governments (UCLG convention) and the coalition of the world council of guangzhou international conference on sister" provides the Bosch digital 020-38807271 simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services, and video conferencing equipment rental services!
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              The business scope
              Conference equipment
              Simultaneous interpr
              Speak and discuss th
              Wireless voting syst
              Sound amplification
              Wireless navigation
              Projection video dev
              The buzzer
              Wireless competition
              LED large screen
              Electronic check-in
              shorthand server
              Simultaneous interpr
              Alternate interprete
              Meeting stenographer
              Translation service
              Conference service
              Conference service
              Background panel mak
              Office equipment lea

              中英同聲傳譯 中英同聲翻譯

              中日同聲傳譯 中日同聲翻譯

              中韓同聲傳譯 中韓同聲翻譯

              中德同聲傳譯 中德同聲翻譯

              中法同聲傳譯 中法同聲翻譯

              中西同聲傳譯 中西同聲傳譯

              中俄同聲傳譯 中俄同聲翻譯

              英日同聲傳譯 英日同聲傳譯

              英韓同聲傳譯 英韓同聲翻譯


              Information technology, architecture, electrical, tunnel engineering, medicine, MBA, finance, risk Investment, advertising media, software engineering, automobile manufacturing,

              Company Profile:

                     Hyee Culture & Communication(Guangzhou) Company is a specialist provider of rental service for simultaneous interpreting equipments, wireless voting systems and first-rate simultaneous interpreting inSouth China. Hyee offers the best-in-class Bosch digital simultaneous interpreting equipments and most experienced interpreters of many language portfolios such as between Chinese/English, Chinese/Japanese, Chinese/Korean, Chinese/French, Chinese/German, Chinese/Spanish, English /Japanese and English/Korean. The impeccable equipments and interpreters have earned our company a renowned reputation inBeijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguang and other major cities alike. That’s why we have become a popular choice for the large corporations and government authorities. We are proud to have served UNEP United Nation’s Envirnmont Senimar, EU-China Training Programm on Intellectual Property Management,Singapore-Guangdong Development Forum, China International Conference on Electricity Distribution(CICED), The 4th China International Forum Of Cooperate Culture, DongGuan Songshan Lake “66”Inovation Salon, Summit on”World Innovation and Investment in Design Industry”, TOYOTA team conference, 2009WIRTGEN Asia conference,Nortel Dealer’s conference, Sun MySQL Customer Conference,etc.

                   Our SI scope covers information technology, architecture, electrical, tunnel projects, medication, MBA, financing, risk management, advertising media, software programming, auto industry, life science, energy, environmental protection, communication technologies, Internet marketing and many others. Hyee provides the unparallel SI experience for our clients and always places our clients’ satisfaction on top of our staff’s key performance index. Therefore, in provision of SI equipment rental services and simultaneous interpreters, we spare no effort to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

              In addition to this, wireless voting system, stereos, projectors, conferencing system, wireless guide system, video conferencing and stenography service are available to meet different customers’ needs. Above all, we are dedicated to the one-stop professional solution for the conventions and conferences.

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                        Tel:020-38807271 24 service cell phone:13922244720  Email: sales@hyeetrans.com  URL: http://www.reportbuilderpro.com
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