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              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for "world cities and local governments (UCLG convention) and the coalition of the world council of guangzhou international conference on sister" provides the Bosch digital 020-38807271 simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services, and video conferencing equipment rental services!
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              Simultaneous interpretation equipment
              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for various international conferences, international BBS, summit, international academic exchange meetings, product promotion meetings, training sessions, the international exhibition BBS provide Germany BOSCH BOSCH latest generation digital conference simultaneous interpretation system, with the latest products and technology to ensure the success of each international conference.
              Introduction to the German BOSCH BOSCH simultaneous interpretation system
              The world's first fully digital conference system, performance improvement to an unprecedented level of Germany Bosch launched a new generation of digital conference network (DCN) put the benefits of innovative digital technology into the discussion, meeting and conference system.
              It is the first implementation of similar products in the digital system, not only provides a wide range of functions and high quality audio and fast data transmission, but also realize the process of comprehensive control on the meeting.
              The new generation of DCN has a low sensitivity to mobile phone interference and a high level of ease of operation and installation.
              With its advanced user friendly control software, and is suitable for various types of flexible management function, whether it's small, informal gatherings, or large international multilingual meeting, it can easily deal with and control at will.

              Simultaneous interpretation and language distribution equipment
              The Bosch simultaneous translation and language distribution equipment can meet any demand in today's multilingual international conference, from informal bilingual group discussions to need multiple languages of large international conference, simultaneous interpretation, can deal with.
              Simultaneous interpretation and distribution products adopt modular design, which means that different combinations of system components can be made to construct a customized simultaneous interpretation system.
              In addition, you can quickly and easily extend or narrow the system for other meetings.
              This product series can actually solve any simultaneous interpretation requirements.
              Interpreters can provide up to 31 different languages, which can be used independently or as part of an integrated system controlled by operators.
              When used independently, the built-in microprocessors allocate language channels, channel transports and interlocks.
              In a system controlled by the operator, the translator and the dedicated simultaneous interpretation software (LBB4172) is used to form a complete simultaneous interpretation network.
              The simultaneous interpretation module helps to preset and monitor simultaneous interpretation in such a system.
              It can provide direct and simultaneous interpretation, and can create 31 interpreters working rooms, with up to three interpreters per workshop.
              On behalf of the feeder and channel selection device, the function of selecting the desired translation language is provided.
              Language distribution
              Cable and wireless language distribution can be performed in DCN system.
              The wired language distribution is allocated to the participants by using the DCN system wiring.
              Participants can use headphones connected to the channel selector device, or use a feed device with a built-in channel selector to listen to simultaneous interpretation.
              Use up and down select key to select simultaneous interpretation channel quickly.
              Channel options are automatically restricted to the number of language channels available.
              A maximum of 31 simultaneous interpretation languages can be accessed, and an infrared wireless system can be used in one of the original language venues.
              The system provides excellent timbre and allows participants to move freely.
              Up to 32 channels can be allocated, since infrared cannot penetrate the wall, ensuring a high level of security.
              Theoretically, the number of representatives that can receive signals from the infrared system is not limited.
              1. Central control device of DCN-CCU

              The core of the conference control is the central control unit (CCU).
              This exquisite and compact device is the backbone of all the new generation of DCN systems, which can control 245 feeders, such as the representative device, the chairman's device, the interpreter desk, and the double representative interface.
              Other devices controlled by the CCU include the audio extender, the CobraNet interface and the Integrus transporter, which are connected to the CCU via a fiber optic network.
              CCU can run independently or under the control of a central operator using the PC.
              In do not need to operators of small systems, CCU used as a single device, it can provide basic receiver operating mode, the basic congress voting procedures, and functions for simultaneous interpretation.
              In large systems requiring operators, the PC ACTS as a connecting point between operators and a new generation of DCN systems.
              Users can run a large number of windows-based application software modules on the PC, thus providing comprehensive and comprehensive meeting control and management functions.
              The PC can be connected to CCU via the rs-232 port.
              The DCN central control unit (CCU) can provide more perfect meeting control functions when used with PC.
              Users can access a large number of software modules, each with specific meeting control and monitoring functions.
              These modules greatly enhance meeting management capabilities.
              Once the PC fails, the central control device will be converted to independent operation mode, enabling the conference to continue.
              Features and benefits
              .if design award
              Control up to 245 feed devices
              You can control the unlimited number of DCN-FCS 32 channel selectors
              .2 x 32 high quality audio channel
              . Optical fiber network, used to connect CCU to the Integrus transporter to transmit the infrared language, connect to the audio expander and Cobranet interface to perform various audio feed and distribution functions
              Use of redundant wiring fiber network design.
              It could be a single branch or a redundant loop
              Basic microphone management function
              3 operating microphone modes:
              Open: microphone button control speech request (automatic)
              Cover: the activated microphone (FIFO) can be covered by the microphone button.
              . Voice: voice activated microphone
              . The number of open mouthpiece is 1 to 4
              Basic voting control for the voting procedure of the general assembly.
              Representatives can register for "attendance", "agree", "oppose" and "abstain".
              The President of Concentus can start, stop and suspend voting.
              The combined results can be displayed on the LCD screen of the hall display and device.
              It also includes the paging function to activate the voting sound.
              In this tone, the chairman can prompt a round of voting.
              Basic simultaneous interpretation, with 31 language channels and 1 original language channel
              . Basic internal communication functions, which can specify internal communication operators and internal communication chairmen (both can be called from the interpreter station)
              Automatic camera control
              Use control PC software or remote control to get extended meeting functions
              .2 audio line input and 2 audio line output
              Adjustable audio input sensitivity
              Adjustable audio output sensitivity
              . Audio insertion function for connecting external audio processing devices or telephone couplers
              The CCU and the system can be configured through the display screen and single knobs
              The installer can assign a unique name for each CCU to identify
              . Monitor audio input and audio output through VU meter reading.
              You can use headphones to monitor audio
              Applicable to 19 inch (2U) housing for desktop or rack mounting
              A handy handle
              . With 19 inch frame mounting bracket, removable foot and installation accessories
              .system installation and user manual CD
              Control and indicator light
              The front is equipped with a power switch
              The front part is equipped with an LCD display with 2 x 16 characters for display status information and CCU configuration
              . The front knob for viewing the LCD menu
              The rear is equipped with two red LED overload indicator lights to indicate the DCN network output
              Two red LED overload indicator lights are used to indicate fiber connections
              Interconnection module
              .european power socket with a built-in fuse, with a matching 1.7-metre (66.9-inch) power cord
              Two DCN sockets for connection devices and extended power.
              Each socket has short circuit protection (two six-pin circular sockets)
              2. Connect the fiber network to connect the audio extender
              . Two three-needle XLR balanced audio line input with optional current separation.
              Two stereo lotus plugs for unbalanced audio line input
              . Two three-needle XLR balanced audio circuit output with optional current separation.
              Two stereo lotus plugs for unbalanced audio line output
              1 headset output 3.5mm (0.14in) stereo socket
              Two RS - 232 serial data connector, used for PC connection and diagnostic equipment installed machinery used independently or in 19 inch stent size (high thick) x width x 88 x 483 x 483 mm (including stent, excluding leg) 92 x 440 x 440 mm (excluding stents, including supporting feet) weight 7 kg (15.4 lb) carbon (PH 10736) and silver grey color
              2. The transmitter int-tx04

              Comply with IEC- 61603, part 7 of the standard
              Maximum transport of 32 channels
              Using reed Solomon code error correction, combined with the error rate threshold, guaranteed high quality
              The interference caused by various lighting systems is eliminated by using 2-8mhz frequency band
              Digital transport protocol allows for additional information (such as multi-channel synchronization)
              Digital technology can achieve high audio quality, SNR up to 80dB
              European central socket -- power outlet
              Audio data bus slots (H15, Yin) can be inserted
              3. Radiation plate lbb4511/00

              Infrared radiators are high-power infrared radiation devices that are suitable for large fields.
              Let the delegates listen to the meeting through a personal receiver.
              Universal power, suitable for use around the world do not use the fan, the use of wind flow cooling, quiet operation has LED indicator for monitoring the radiator status with the transmitter sync automatically boot and shutdown automatically balanced, automatic cable terminating temperature control circuit, radiator heating up too high, automatic by the power switch to the half power installation, suitable for the ceiling or floor installation
              Iv. DCN-IDESK interpreter desk

              DCN-IDESK interpreter can be used by an interpreter, stylish and beautifully designed.
              It fully meets the international standard.
              The control on the interpreter stage is clear and clear according to the functional area, intuitive and easy to use, avoid mistakes.
              An interpreter for light and dark base.
              Features and benefits
              . Low sensitivity to mobile phone interference
              . Ergonomic design and characteristics for visually impaired persons
              As many as 31 simultaneous interpretation channels and 1 original language channel, audio bandwidth 20 kHz
              A graphic LCD with backlight can also display information clearly in dark conditions
              .5 primary keys for broadcasting languages, with activation instructions on the display screen
              The microphone button is red or green
              A light or dark base
              Control and indicator light
              .a and B output channels, with state and selection instructions on the display screen
              The screen indicates the channel number, language name and sound quality of all channels
              Ergonomic design and characteristics for visually impaired people, such as the bump points on the middle button and the beeping used to indicate the opening/closing of the microphone and the repeat selection
              . Built-in speakers with language channel selector
              . The speech timer, indicating the time of translation
              The speed function of the speech will remind the current speaker to slow down
              Request an operator or service person to help
              . Inter-office telephone and internal communication indicator light
              Up to six tables can be held in each workshop
              Desktop installation and embedded installation
              . Pluggable microphone (dcn-mics)
              . Automatic selection after connecting headsets
              When you enter programming mode, you can easily program by using menus on the display screen
              . The microphone key is red around the "in use" indicator light. Green means "work is not in use."
              .mute button
              Help key
              Slow down the key
              The operator and the President internal communication call key
              . A message key with yellow LED indicator light
              Telephone and internal communication to call yellow LED indicator light
              A and B channel occupy yellow LED indicator light
              .for channel Settings (and other functions), a rotary step control is pushed to set the option to the first available channel
              With backlit LCD, display selected and activated output channel and channel number and abbreviation language name
              The speaker volume knob
              The volume knob of the earphone
              . Bass and treble knob
              .beep turn on/off key
              . Five broadcast language primary keys
              . Basic/automatic transmission of green LED indicator light
              . Rotate the step controls (same as the speakers) to select the broadcast language and speaker channels for the broadcast primary keys.
              Press this button to set the option to the first available channel
              With backlit LCD, display selected broadcast language, with channel number, abbreviation name and quality indicator light.
              The selected speaker channels and abbreviations are also displayed
              5. DCN-MICS/L can be plugged in short/long handle

              This innovation microphone fashion modeling, the use of ergonomics design, equipped with flexible adjustable microphone handle, can be easily inserted directly discuss device, Concentus, embedded installation microphone connection panel or an interpreter.
              The microphone has a one-way response function, which can achieve optimal performance even under noisy conditions;
              It includes an indicator light.
              The indicator light is red when the microphone is opened and green when the device is in the request state.
              It has a low sensitivity to mobile interference.
              Features and benefits
              The microphone handle has a flexible and adjustable unidirectional microphone with built-in anti-spray and windshield control and indicator light or green light.
              Red indicates that the microphone is active and green indicates that the request is accepted.
              Interconnection module
              A connector for inserting and fixing a microphone
              Technical index
              Machinery installation inserted and fixed in any discussion, Concentus, embedded installation microphone connection panel and interpreter DCN - MICS length 310 mm (12.2 inch) DCN - MICL DCN - 480 mm (18.9 inch) weight MICS 100 grams (0.22 pounds) of DCN - MICL 115 grams (0.25 pounds) silver color (RAL) 9022
              6. 4-8 channel receiver lbb4540/04, 08

              According to the ergonomic receiver, the latest electronics - including specially designed chips - guarantee the best performance and maximum longevity.
              The receiver is suitable for language and music.
              The charger chip circuit ensures optimum charging performance
              When the earpiece is turned on, it no longer consumes power
              . There is a measurement mode for the detection of radiators
              You can use a disposable power supply, or an environmentally friendly charging battery pack
              With card, easy to wear, foreign fashion is generous
              .2 - digit LCD display can indicate the status and status of the battery
              When the signal is too low, automatically mute the audio signal to ensure that the user receives only the high quality signal
              Synchronous function: the number of available channels is always consistent with the number of channels being used in the system
              7. LBB 9095/30 interpreter headphones

              Compact and lightweight dynamic headsets can be connected directly to the DCN-IDESK interpreter desk.

              8. LBB 3443/00 portable stereo headphones

              Portable stereo headphones with high quality sound can be provided.
              Features and advantages:
              Can replace earplugs
              Provide strong and durable washable earplugs
              Electric cable
              Model: LBB4116/00
              Each plate is 100 m cable and DCN is a six-core cable.

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