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              Service hotline:020-38807271
              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for "world cities and local governments (UCLG convention) and the coalition of the world council of guangzhou international conference on sister" provides the Bosch digital 020-38807271 simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services, and video conferencing equipment rental services!
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              Meeting stenographer
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              Meeting stenographer
              Shorthand service project:
              On-site meeting shorthand
              At the scene of the meeting, my company personnel with professional computer SuLu method, will speak of the guests the right of entry to a computer, will be the moment of language information into a text message, namely with out.
              At the end of the meeting, you will be able to get a complete electronic copy of the transcript.
              Your company in the past with the recorded tapes, video tapes, digital audio recordings (voice recorder, MP3 machine), we can use a computer in a short time SuLu way to translate them into words, typesetting output, kao disk or sent by E-mail.
              Files can be saved as WORD or TXT documents depending on the customer's different needs.
              Interview spot
              This service is for journalists.
              Following the reporter to the interview site, we will record the content of your interview in your interview.
              You will not be able to organize the recording in the later period.
              Files can be saved as WORD or TXT documents depending on the customer's different needs.
              The website was broadcast in shorthand
              This service is provided exclusively for Internet companies.
              On the site of the guest chat, we will record the content of your chat. You can just paste the contents of our record as the chat content.
              TV program subtitle shorthand
              This service is provided exclusively for TV stations.
              After the program was recorded, we recorded the complete subtitle of the program.
              Professional proofreading accuracy can reach more than 99 %, and can be arranged in the most convenient and paste format according to customer requirements.
              Lots of text entry
              This service is aimed at newspapers and magazines, audio-visual publishing, book publishing, etc.
              Shorthand service procedures:
              1. The customer is informed of the time and place of the service and the contents to be recorded.
              For my company
              Arrive at the stenographic site on time.
              2. The stenographers arrived half an hour early to arrive at the stenography site and install the debugging shorthand equipment.
              The company comes with a laptop and an instant recorder.
              Your company only needs to provide tables and chairs for the computer.
              Take shorthand service.
              During the recording process, the meeting was carried out exactly as scheduled, and my company would make a full statement of the participants.
              4. Hand over the shorthand manuscript to the customer (or E-mail).
              Standard for shorthand service charge:
              Service charge standard service description
              The minutes of the meeting are recorded at 1300 yuan/day and are calculated on a working day of seven hours per day.
              Internet live 250 yuan per hour counting, less than an hour, by one hour.
              Guangzhou will be counted as 700 yuan/half a day
              Seminar and audio recording for 180 yuan/hr 48 hours.
              Also can be submitted according to customer request time, specific price negotiable.
              A large number of text input 100 yuan/a thousand words to proofread more than 2 times, the accuracy of more than 99 %.
              Film and TV subtitles to handle 250 yuan per hour to proofread more than 2 times, to reach the standard of broadcasting.
              Note: 1. Shorthand and cantonese.
              2. If the above services involve customer trade secrets, the confidentiality agreement may be signed;
              If long-term stable cooperation, can negotiate service price

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