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              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for "world cities and local governments (UCLG convention) and the coalition of the world council of guangzhou international conference on sister" provides the Bosch digital 020-38807271 simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services, and video conferencing equipment rental services!
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              Simultaneous interpretation of emergency treatment
              The most understand people, the working state of simultaneous interpreting all know simultaneous interpreter what's it like working at ordinary times, in such a big occasion for most of the people will have the idea of stage fright, this is very normal, in nervous state, the brain will only get a blank control, it is for a simultaneous interpreter is very deadly, because if the blank will have great influence on translation studies.
              And in translation, it is live, and many things we can't think of, which requires us to make timely response to the emergency situation.
              Today we are going to talk about the handling of the emergency situation of simultaneous interpretation. Please continue to read it.
              Call it is urgent because we can't expect, so any things may happen, for in simultaneous interpretation of on-the-spot emergency treatment mainly include: meet don't understand the word?
              The main reason is to rely on own guess and prediction ability, know the background material and knowledge is very necessary certainly.
              How to correct errors in translation in the field?
              Simultaneous interpretation, synchronous, fast and accurate, inevitably mistakes, omission and mistranslation.
              It is also a skill to correct errors in the process of simultaneous transmission.
              The following is a discussion of the problem in this area: if the interpreter finds that his translation is wrong, if it is a minor mistake, as long as it does not affect the overall situation, then it does not need to be corrected.
              If a big mistake is found in your content, you must immediately correct it and say clearly, "that was a mistake.
              "Do not take care of your face and lose the meeting;
              If fully listen to leak in a word, don't panic at this moment, the best thing to do is it came down now, and don't have to consider what miss just now, with the cross hear out like spilled out of the water leakage, can be retrieved.
              Some people are too serious, always thinking what they have just missed, so that the missing words will not be returned, and more will be missed.
              I was really nervous about the information above. Even if I was not at the scene, we would not be able to find out how much more our simultaneous interpreter would be.
              This is what we are offering today, and I don't know if I can help you, but I feel very deep and realize how difficult it is for simultaneous interpreters.
              Although more understanding of simultaneous interpretation, but knows it is, and there is a great distance of real combat, but real means that all of a sudden, you don't know what will happen the next moment, so we will surprise we can think of the solution to all think, this will prepare again, because always to have the opportunity to prepare the people

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