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              信息技術、建筑、電氣、隧道工程、醫學、MBA、金融、風險 投資、廣告媒介、軟件工程、汽車制造業、生命科學、能源、環境保護、通信技術、網絡營 銷等專門產業
              Simultaneous interpretation is still one of the most important studies in the UK
              Increasingly hot study in Britain, for the parents and students and professional selection is a problem, in many British students choose a development prospect of the advantages of good professional study in UK.
              The following is a guide to the top five majors in the UK, for your reference.
              1. Accounting major: foreign enterprise, international company's hot property
              In recent years, the accounting employment situation is excellent.
              According to the report, the average annual salary of a recent college graduate in the UK is $45,000.
              At home, but accounting "sea turtles" also has great advantages, especially foreign-funded enterprises and multinational companies are more likely to choose to have qualification certificate of overseas education background or hold international talent.
              With a master's degree in accounting, and with professional qualifications, it is more popular.
              Therefore, the professional accounting course should be selected as far as possible, which will not only get the degree certificate, but also win the professional qualification.
              2. Media major: the cradle of international media industry figures
              It has strong professional strength in mass media, and it is involved in new media such as digital TV, multimedia and advertising.
              In many of the UK's leading professions, media is a strong and distinctive profession in the UK.
              Many schools make Britain to become the cradle of cultivating international media industry figures, and many powerful industry support, the background of the media become one of the professional future of Britain's most light, such as to look up in the field of the BBC world media.
              Direction of media for news and media, television and film direction and propagation direction, after their graduation, can be engaged in home and abroad of the news media, film and television media in the field work, and the 2012 London Olympic Games certainly fulfilled the student internships, work requirements, the British media master and doctor, both at home and abroad, is very hot.
              3. IT major: the domestic job market "needs to be a big one"
              The IT industry is a "big demand" for the domestic job market. In this context, 25 per cent of the students who study in the UK each year choose IT and related majors.
              But looked from the domestic employment market, the traditional IT talent has become saturated, while in mobile communications, consumer electronics production, as well as emerging areas such as network communication, network security, talent demand is very great.
              So for going to enter IT "circle", had better choose emerging IT professional, such as network control, communication network, the game development, intelligent system, multimedia technology, etc., after the graduation will be a "beacon" of the job market.
              4. Simultaneous interpretation major: the most authentic in the UK
              Simultaneous interpretation is a popular translation method in today's world. It is highly academic and professional and is often referred to as the highest level of foreign language majors.
              It is not only widely used in international conference, but also widely used in foreign affairs, business activities, news media and TV broadcasting.
              Simultaneous interpretation personnel belongs to global scarce talent, global professional simultaneous interpreter is a total of more than 2000 people, simultaneous interpretation talent is in short supply in our country, according to incomplete statistics, China's professional simultaneous interpretation personnel 30 people or so, as for the international popular in economy and trade, science and technology, and other fields of political science and law science has long professional simultaneous translation talents is still a blank.
              Simultaneous interpretation of the personnel, also known as the top "maid", in the "price" part-time employment wage guidelines listed in the table of 54 kinds of industry, simultaneous interpretation price up to RMB 20000 per hour.
              Almost a day's salary is equivalent to a white-collar worker's monthly income.
              Generally speaking, for Chinese students, applying for the translation or interpretation major of British university is mainly applied for translation or interpretation.
              5. Engineering major: rising value
              Reading engineering is the traditional way for Chinese students to study in the UK.
              But with the rapid development of high-tech, electronic engineering, environmental engineering, biological engineering, material engineering, chemical engineering and other professional talent began to popular education background, especially those who can not only solve the technical problems and understand complex engineers international business operational rules, price is bullish.
              It is expected that in the next few years, the new integrated engineering major will become a new choice for Chinese students to study in the UK.

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