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              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for "world cities and local governments (UCLG convention) and the coalition of the world council of guangzhou international conference on sister" provides the Bosch digital 020-38807271 simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services, and video conferencing equipment rental services!
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              Sound amplification equipment
              Senheiser microphone
              Brand: Sennheiser bud models: EW100 Series technical parameters * directivity: omnidirectional sex * monomer structure: capacitive * manufacturing components: transistor * receive mode: the wireless * method of use: hand type 100 Series --
              Dbx PA equipment
              Bx PA a basic sound system of digital audio processor, the receiver is connected to mixer, the output of the mixer through a lot of peripheral equipments and then sent to power amplifier, power amplifier output to connect to speakers.
              ? stereo feedback suppressor 2 x 12 group fast track trap filter
              ? double 28 graphic equalizer
              ? the classic dBx compressor
              ?120A sub-harmonic synthesizer
              ?2 times 3, 2 times 4, 2 times 5, 2 times 6
              ? multi-stage parameter equalizer in stereo
              ? stereo output limiter
              ? fine-tuning of the speaker delay
              ? pink noise generator
              ?Auto-EQ automatic room equalization compensation
              ? set up the JBL speaker and the Crown power Setup Wizard (setting up the navigation elf) function
              ?25 factory preset /25 user Settings program memory library
              ?2 sets of inputs, 6 outputs
              ? rta-m real-time spectrum analysis microphone input is set to panel, with phantom power supply
              ?24-Bit A/D converter provides dynamic range greater than 110dB
              ?dBx patent Type IVTMA/D conversion circuit
              NEXO (force) PS15 speakers
              The features of NEXO (force) PS15 are as follows:
              * PS15 asymmetric bugle can solve the uniformity of high frequency distribution in the case of not high space
              * speakers polyhedral structure and the trumpet can rotate 90 degrees for the current international popular new concept of amplification system design provides a great convenience, make the system quality is greatly improved, at the same time the speaker installation is very convenient
              * the excellent performance of the controller, the sound quality reaches the high state and the sound pressure is high, the peak sound pressure PS15 is 135dB, PS10 is 127dB
              PS15 \ LSub1200
              The (NEXO)PS15 speaker is used in conjunction with the PS15TD controller and the optional LSUB1200 ultra-low tone speakers
              A flexible sound playback system that can be used for both main amplification and stage listening.
              * PS15 is a two-frequency speaker system and has designed an active/passive switching switch.
              It is powered by a large power 15 "speaker and a 2" pipe compression drive.
              * the ps15TD MKII controller works in stereo mode for passive working mode, and includes the low sound part.
              When using PS15, there is no need to use multiple power amplifier and processors, and no complicated wiring is required.
              The TD MKII controller for PS15 is designed for passive or source working methods and has advanced protection measures adopted in large NEXO systems.
              The LSTD section is designed to drive the LS1200 ultra low voice box.
              LSub1200 of PS15TD controller with PS15TD controller
              Frequency response [a] 50Hz-18KHz+(-)3dB 30Hz-120Hz+(-)3dB
              Use the range @-6db [a] 40Hz-18KHz+(-)3dB
              Sensitivity 1W@1m[b] 102dB 102dB SPL
              Peak SPL@1m[b] 131-134db 133-135db
              HF diffusion Angle [c] 50-100 horizontal X55 vertical, can be rotated -
              Directivity: Q&DI[c] Q:16 nominal value DI:12dB nominal value - (f > 1.5khz)
              Frequency point frequency 900HZ passive or active (internal switch) is provided by PS15TD 80HZ, active network
              Nominal impedance: 8 o or active: LF:6 o, HF:8 o 4 o

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