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              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for "world cities and local governments (UCLG convention) and the coalition of the world council of guangzhou international conference on sister" provides the Bosch digital 020-38807271 simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services, and video conferencing equipment rental services!
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              中英同聲傳譯 中英同聲翻譯

              中日同聲傳譯 中日同聲翻譯

              中韓同聲傳譯 中韓同聲翻譯

              中德同聲傳譯 中德同聲翻譯

              中法同聲傳譯 中法同聲翻譯

              中西同聲傳譯 中西同聲傳譯

              中俄同聲傳譯 中俄同聲翻譯

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              英韓同聲傳譯 英韓同聲翻譯


              信息技術、建筑、電氣、隧道工程、醫學、MBA、金融、風險 投資、廣告媒介、軟件工程、汽車制造業、生命科學、能源、環境保護、通信技術、網絡營 銷等專門產業
              The buzzer
              1. The most complete answer mode in the country: instant type, ultimate type, 321 beep, host's touch-tone type, and host reading question.
              2, the most complete question bank model: domestic support text topic, by topic, audio, and video, FLASH and POWERPOINT attachment, guess, selection and fills up the topic, true or false, the essay question, limited topic, limited topic and so on.
              3, the most complete topic mode: domestic order, random draw, draw random choice questions, order select scroll the title title title, title specify selection, single-layer, multi-layer, risk and so on questions.
              4. Domestic exclusive split screen operation mode: using multimedia software technology to separate the operation interface from the audience interface, the performance of the game is clearer and clearer.
              5. The most colorful competition interface: all the interfaces and sound effects customers can change and design on their own, making the game interface colorful, and the process is lively and interesting and the atmosphere is warm.
              6, electronic grading screen a variety of display mode: electronic grading screen can achieve a single score entertaining diversions, single scoreboard entertaining diversions, vies to answer first, foul, plus, subtract points score screen flicker function, then the score more rich, intuitive effect.
              7, more convenient and intuitive game features: a single set of add and subtract points, multiple sets of add and subtract points at the same time, add and subtract one key points, random lottery, and the judges scoring, data is introduced, the team introduced, random sampling, the score list, before the award, the results show output ranking, a talent show and so on

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