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              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for "world cities and local governments (UCLG convention) and the coalition of the world council of guangzhou international conference on sister" provides the Bosch digital 020-38807271 simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services, and video conferencing equipment rental services!
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              Wireless competition rating system rental
              The wireless contest scoring system is a new generation of multi-functional electronic competition scoring products designed specifically for TV stations, schools, enterprises and institutions, social groups and various competitions and scoring activities.
              The system has completely solved a series of tedious tasks such as the traditional manual formation, handwritten scoring, and manual entry.
              The system integrates the judges, the computer, the professional digital scoring, the statistical printing, the on-site display, etc., which is the best choice for the modern professional grading activities.
              Complete set of equipment
              Evaluation function of the judges:
              Under this module, the system supports the judges to conduct electronic scoring for the contestants.
              Each judge only needs to enter the score of the contestant through the scoring keypad in the link required by the relevant competition. The player's current score can be automatically recorded in the database.
              System can be free to choose all kinds of rules such as: take out a high score to remove a minimum grading, and can according to the needs of scoring link, will score graphic display on the projector or computer screen.
              Scoring statistics function:
              According to the statistics of the players' scoring statistics, it is convenient to see the players' rotation or overall ranking and achievements.
              Competition answer function:
              The system has the function of contest answer, which can be displayed on the big screen according to the competition process or column link.
              The selected topic support contestant selection (competition mode), answering, direct keypad answer, etc., which can meet the special needs of various kinds of knowledge competition
              Audience voting function:
              Subject to support the audience vote through the hands of voting buttons, of favorite players or to vote on domestic issues, instant artistic results appear on the big screen.
              The content of the column can be satisfied: on-site approval, audience answer, bidding and audience voting.
              It is suitable for all kinds of variety, competitions and interviews.
              Large screen effect function:
              It can be implemented on the big screen according to the program process: draw the lottery, the minutes of the minutes, the scoring rank, the graphic document display and other functions
              Live sound effects:
              According to the current score and answer situation, the live sound effects can be automatically synchronized.
              All functions need only one ordinary computer to control!
              Product introduction - wireless answer rating: W52 
              Product features:
              - ultra-light, ultra-thin design, easy to operate, easy to carry.
              - the 2.4GHz two-way digital wireless communication technology (RF) was adopted, and the data was successfully received and then indicated on the keyboard
              -14 key digital input to meet interactive voting and answering questions
              -2 button cell (CR2032), easy to use
              - work in different conference voting and interactive feedback software (support for embedded PowerPoint)
              -6 large LCD display, with decimal point.
              Key input:
              - "1, 2, 3" corresponding to support, opposition, abstention
              - 14 key input
              -0~9 (a-j) to answer the questions
              -2 operation keys: "OK" to confirm input, "C" key is used to modify the last option and re-enter the new option
              - ". "the decimal point can be scored with the decimal point
              - "-" separator
              Status display:
              W52: LCD liquid crystal
              -6 LCD display, with decimal point
              - liquid crystal display current equipment work and communication status
              - LCD displays user key status
              - LCD displays when the base station has received the keyboard data correctly
              Wireless communication technology:
              - using multi-channel and micro-power two-way 2.4ghz RF digital communication technology, the keyboard data will be returned to confirm the information and instructions on the keyboard after the base station is successfully received.
              - high-speed data communication, real-time feedback vote results
              - 16 bits of CRC technique are used to ensure accurate data
              - support up to 32 frequency points (with a standard of 16 frequency) automatically switching, good anti-jamming
              - the standard 2.4G frequency, which can be customized for other frequency products, requires additional cost, minimum order quantity and other special terms.
              - a SmartVote specific communication protocol
              - multiple technologies ensure that the wireless communication between the keyboard and the base station is reliable;
              - when the keyboard data is received successfully, the base station will return a confirmed message to the keyboard;
              - using high-speed wireless communication rate to dynamically submit data without traditional polling methods;
              - the keyboard will automatically switch according to the frequency point of the base station;
              - with the built-in omnidirectional antenna, it is not easy to damage, and the human body has little influence on transmission distance;

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