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              Information technology, architecture, electrical, tunnel engineering, medicine, MBA, finance, risk Investment, advertising media, software engineering, automobile manufacturing,
              According to the international association of conference interpreters (AIIC) and the European commission's joint labor translation meeting (JSIC) requirement, based on to provide the best solution for simultaneous interpretation room, simultaneous interpretation for the control room building, building sound, acoustic, and safety standards are clearly defined.
              The design of a simultaneous interpretation room is determined by the following factors:
              The separation of different languages that need to be transmitted simultaneously in sound.
              Interpreters communicate well with participants in visual and bi-directional languages.
              To provide an appropriate working environment for translators: the simultaneous interpretation room is their studio, which enables them to maintain a high level of concentration in their work throughout the day.
              For portable simultaneous interpretation room, it is easy to use and install: weight light but also good quality.
              2. Scope of application
              The basic requirements of the simultaneous interpretation room are to meet the functions of transport (mobile), installation and operation of the same communication room.
              The main feature of movable hominis is that they are different from fixed installations and can be removed, moved and installed in any chamber.
              Although some interpretation chamber are mobile, but they are a good custom in advance, and placed in close proximity to the meeting place and its common use, such as the chamber is not included in the ISO4043-1998 within this international standard, and their design standards should be concerned in the reference ISO2603 fixed installation standards with the room.
              3. Standard reference
              The following specifications contain all the terms that constitute the international standard, and the version specified in the publication is valid.
              All standards can be modified.
              All parties based on this international standard should use the latest version as indicated below, and members of IEC and ISO shall be required to sign up for effective and up-to-date international standards:
              1. The air flow and sound insulation between rooms are measured in the room.
              ISO2603:1998, general characteristics and equipment of simultaneous interpretation room.
              ISO4043:1998, general characteristics and equipment of mobile simultaneous interpretation room.
              Iso 3382: the reverberation time measurement parameter of architectural acoustics in 1997.
              In 1998, the conference system has the requirements of audio products.
              4. Define
              The following definitions apply to this international standard:
              Super audio technology BBS simultaneous interpretation room: located in the meeting room, with a translator working space should bring along their own unit, its purpose lies in between translators and other processes in the rooms and between two or more than two different languages to provide sound insulation measures.
              Note: mobile translation rooms are self-contained and can be assembled from module assemblies.
              5. General requirements
              5.1. General
              The simultaneous interpretation room is a service designed to provide voice information for different occasions. It should have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption function.
              The materials used should be tasteless, antistatic, anti-flammable, or fireproof, and will not harm the eyes, skin and respiratory system.
              They cannot absorb or store dust.
              (not using carpet) should choose the color that suits the nervous work environment.
              All objects, including the surface of the equipment, should be coated with a layer of matte paint.
              It's not acceptable to just cover the top of the table.
              When choosing a conference hall to install the simultaneous interpretation room and its equipment, a basic factor is to ensure that there is ample room for proper placement.
              The user should consult the interpreter and equipment supplier, or the engineer.
              5.2. The suitability of the chamber
              (1) the chamber should be enough space to accommodate attendees, interpretation and electrical equipment, and should be far away from the noise source (for example: the transportation, building a noisy outside veranda, elevator and kitchen).
              The conference hall should ensure satisfactory acoustical effects to make the speech clear, and in particular to ensure a shorter reverberation time.
              The chamber should have proper heating and ventilation (air conditioning) and carbon dioxide concentration of less than 0.1 percent.
              5.3. Selection of conference hall
              The chamber should have enough space to place the same room.
              Rostrum, attendees, chalkboards, and projection screens should all be within the scope of the interpreter (please refer to iso 2603).
              In order to ensure that the interpreter has sufficient vision, the translation room should be at least 30cm higher than the floor.
              If necessary, use a solid, carpeted platform that can absorb sound, which should be safe and not noisy.
              Do not have any objects that block the sight, such as pillars, beams, etc.
              There should be at least 2 meters of space between the conference table, the representation and the translation room to prevent the participants from being disturbed by the noise from the room.
              A passageway to the corridor should be avoided, and a dedicated channel may be opened for the same room if possible.
              5.4. Same-room size
              Each with the room can accommodate request number of translators can comfortably sit down, and at the same time allow they can freely in and out of the room service and will not interfere with each other to ensure adequate ventilation and temperature control.
              The dimensions of the same communication room are formulated according to the health and occupation requirements of the translator, and the internal dimensions of a standard are not less than the following values:
              Width: sound technology super BBS
              - two of the following translators: 1.60m
              - two or three translators: 2.40m
              Three or four translators: 3.20m
              Depth: 1.60m
              Height: 2.00m
              Meaning: in a very special case, if the space limit cannot be applied to a standard size, the same room size for the two interpreters below will be: 1.50 x 1.50 x 1.90m
              5.5. The door
              The selection of the door is very important to ensure good sound insulation effect: with the chamber door should be a open outward with a hinged door, it can pass directly to the platform or in the room, there should be no noise when the door switch, and cannot be locked.
              Note: sliding door and curtain are not acceptable.
              5.6. Cable channel
              If you need to lay cables at the front or side of the transmission room, use the minimum size cable that is compatible with the device and the channel should be unobstructed.
              6. The window
              General) of 6.1.
              With each room should have the Windows of the front and sides, in order to ensure maximum visibility, in front of the window size should be as large as the whole front wall, vertical support should narrow as far as possible and not in the middle of a worker vision.
              Window glass is transparent, clean, and prevents scratches that may block the sight.
              6.2 size
              Front and side of the window should be from your desktop at least 0.8 m above the 0.1 m extended upward, side of the window should be along the side of the wall, it is apart from the minimum distance of 0.6 m in front of the window, should be 0.1 m above the table.
              7. Acoustic requirements
              7.1 sound insulation
              The translation room should block any sound other than the translation room, for example, from a nearby translation room or a speech from a conference hall (or vice versa), background noise, etc.
              If all the Shared rooms share a wall, then the complete sound insulation standard should be achieved.
              Should be based on sound insulation testing ISO140-4 standard for, as a different sound pressure level of the test: use one with the room as a reception room, and is full of white noise or pink noise room as the sound source (it could be a conference room or adjacent with the room).
              The sound pressure level should be sound in the room and reception room to octave band width for testing, for from the conference room to room in terms of the spread of the noise, the difference between two sound pressure level at least equal to the numerical, table a and vice versa:
              Table 1: from the same communication room to the conference hall (and vice versa)
              Test frequency: hz25500, 000, 2000, 4000
              Sound pressure differential: dB12, 15, 18, 20 20, when measuring the sound pressure differential from the outside to the same room, it is necessary to install the same room in the proper meeting room so that the actual situation can be simulated.
              7.2. Sound absorption
              In the same room, the anti-static absorbing material will reduce the echo and reverberation. The reverberation time of the translation room (refer to ISO3382) is 0.3s to 0.5 s, and the band width is 125Hz to 4000Hz.
              A screen that can be made from a layer of sound absorbing material can be used to reduce the reflection of the wall to the sound. In the uncarpeted hall, the same room should be placed on the carpet.
              7.3. Ventilation
              ZA audio technology super BBS and the transmission room should be equipped with a good ventilation system to ensure air updates at least seven times per hour without damaging the flow of the interpreter.
              If you can have higher frequency airflow updates, you should adjust the switch in the same room.
              Roof ventilation fan should be strong enough to meet the above requirements, at the same time must remain extremely low noise as much as possible, if the vent is directly to the conference room, room should be located in the interpretation of lower on metope, can use cold air, and can guarantee good cycle), and should be toward interpretation room behind to avoid air blow to the interpreter's lap.
              The weighted sound pressure level should not exceed 40dB in the ventilation system, and the mechanical vibration of the ventilation system should be minimized.
              8. Work table
              The countertop should be the same width as the same compartment, it is placed horizontally and covered with cushioning material to isolate the noise and to be picked up and amplified.
              The working table should have sufficient strength to support the weight, document, and interpreter of the interpreter console. The bottom surface is smooth and applicable to the following dimensions:
              Height: from the floor to 0.73m+/-0.01m
              Total depth: maximum 0.50m
              (3) the legs placed space: minimum 0.45 m, supporting pieces should not be placed in the space or obstruct interpreter free activities, capital equipment, such as lighting lighting should be placed as far as possible to not interfere with the work space.
              9. Lighting
              Each chamber should have at least two compact, low-heat directional lights.
              The device is on a adjustable stand and cannot stand in the way of a countertop.
              Lamps and lanterns lighting should be provided to cover the entire face, and is divided into two to adjust brightness: one is the lower part of the 100 lx or 200 lx, another kind is higher than that of the brightness of the 300 lx, or can provide continuous lx from 100 to 300 lx adjustable brightness, the brightness values from the working face level test.
              10. Interpreter seats
              Every translator or engineer wants to have a comfortable chair with the following characteristics.
              A stable support
              Adjustable height
              Can adjust the back of the back
              C sound technology super BBS
              The handrail of ergonomic design
              The wheel does not produce audible noise
              Use good heat dissipation material
              There should be an independent, movable foot rail.
              11. Audio equipment in the same room
              11.1. General
              There is a specific description of the same transmission device in IEC60914.
              11.2. Console and headset
              H every interpreter needs a console and headphones, if you only have two translators, the following can be allowed to use a double console, but their separate console is recommended for every interpreter.
              To meet the needs of the translator, the console should be equipped with a fixed installation microphone and headset.
              11.3. The interpreter
              The interpreter can be installed on a mobile phone on the pedestal or combined with headphones, but headphones is not applicable to all translators, every interpreter needs a microphone.
              12. Compatibility with broadcast systems
              Reverberation and acoustic feedback in the chamber may affect simultaneous interpretation or even block memory or damage hearing.
              In addition, because the listener receives the information via the headset, it is usually submerged in the sound of the speaker.
              In fact, an incompatible broadcast system can lead to interference.
              Therefore, in designing the broadcast system and its volume control, precautions should be taken to avoid the echo phenomenon and the sound feedback between the speakers and the microphone in the conference hall.
              When the inevitable need to use to the public speech system (for example, most of the audience to listen to the speech in their native language), broadcast system should be used within the minimum and maximum reduce the chamber between the speakers and microphone feedback.
              In order to achieve the most effective control in the above situations, the simultaneous interpretation system (multi-channel) and the public broadcasting system (single channel) should follow the following principles:
              The sound source is from a single microphone system
              With a separate volume control, each system can be independently regulated: when the public broadcasting system is lowered, the signal intensity required by the translator will not be reduced.
              The control between the two systems should be close to each other, allowing the two to be monitored by an operator in the same room.
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