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              Service hotline:020-38807271
              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication co., LTD., for "world cities and local governments (UCLG convention) and the coalition of the world council of guangzhou international conference on sister" provides the Bosch digital 020-38807271 simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services, and video conferencing equipment rental services!
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              Conference service
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              中英同聲傳譯 中英同聲翻譯

              中日同聲傳譯 中日同聲翻譯

              中韓同聲傳譯 中韓同聲翻譯

              中德同聲傳譯 中德同聲翻譯

              中法同聲傳譯 中法同聲翻譯

              中西同聲傳譯 中西同聲傳譯

              中俄同聲傳譯 中俄同聲翻譯

              英日同聲傳譯 英日同聲傳譯

              英韓同聲傳譯 英韓同聲翻譯


              Information technology, architecture, electrical, tunnel engineering, medicine, MBA, finance, risk Investment, advertising media, software engineering, automobile manufacturing,
              Guangzhou sea gets culture communication company for various international summit, the international BBS, tour products, international academic exchange and so on to provide Germany Bosch latest generation digital conference, simultaneous interpretation system:
              1) BOSCH digital infrared homology-transmission equipment is the most advanced in the world, with the highest utilization rate of the simultaneous interpretation system.
              The receiving sound quality is clear, without interference, the performance is stable, the appearance line is good-looking, convenient management.
              2) the sound quality of the earphones is clear and no noise. The interpreter desk is simple and clear, 32 channels, effectively breaking the barrier of language, and the natural high fidelity sound quality, so that the interpreter can translate easily.
              3) the receiver of ergonomic design can receive up to 32 channels, easy to convert, clear sound, uninterrupted, and always ensure perfect reception.
              4) interpreter studio ISO6052 international standards, using the finest timber production, odour fragrance, bright and clean, and is equipped with a video display, help translation more intuitive to see more clearly all the video images of the venue.
              5) we have perfect management method of receiver, each receiver are the only identity code convenient field management and each receiving fuselage has clear guidance, in both Chinese and English to ensure the correct use of receiver and headphones, at the same time remind attendees timely return after the meeting, in order to ensure the meeting after the receiver number of complete, to avoid unnecessary loss and higher costs.
              6) our technicians are professionally trained and have hundreds of conference experiences that can ensure a safe meeting.
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                        Tel:020-38807271 24 service cell phone:13922244720  Email: sales@hyeetrans.com  URL: http://www.reportbuilderpro.com
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